Strategic Planning and Advisement + B2B and Consumer Advertising.

Sales Promotion + Public Relations and Publicity.

Web Design and Development + Event Planning and Execution.

Who We Are

Creative. Versatile. Resourceful.

Founded in 2006 by veteran marketer Robin Sanders and publicist Suzanne Sokolov, BOOST Marketing is an award-winning New York City-based, multi-service, traditional and new media marketing firm.  
We are dedicated to maximizing our clients’ resources and opportunities with campaigns and programs that elevate visibility and profitability.

Our Credo

Personal. Professional. Accountable.

Underlying all our successes and all our relationships is the proposition that the best business is not only productive and profitable, it is personal and pleasurable. To those tenets, we remain committed.

We also believe that our clients’ successes rest upon the appropriate unveiling and showcasing of their uniqueness and we are unrelenting in our quest to create singular programming that is tailored to each.

Our Process & Pricing

Varied. Collaborative. Committed.

BOOST has the privilege of serving a wide variety of clients ranging from large institutions to small entrepreneurs, from not-for-profits to financial institutions and from manufacturers to retailers.
No one size fits all.  So we customize our service packages to fit our clients:  
“White Glove” full-service packages.  
“Umbrella” shelter-protection packages.  
"Presto Pitch" a la carte packages.

Our Work

Known for our special expertise in the fields of luxury goods, interior design and architecture, we believe that our best work often results from the heightened challenge of developing programs for new categories, targeting new audiences.

What do you do with a mature business that is losing its footing?

We build programs with strong foundations that serve as platforms for renewal and growth. What do you do with a mature business that is losing its “footing” – literally?... read more

Even the most successful business worries about wooing new customers and preserving the brand.  Often the answer is: stoke the fire with many irons. By designing specialized promotional vehicles... read more

We place our clients’ advertising in active, appropriate markets, where shopping, not browsing, is the mission.  Custom products have small, exclusive and sometimes elusive audiences.  If you’re a small... read more

Giving-back can be a vital component in furthering a campaign.  It fosters community relations and gives social significance to marketing initiatives. For one New York neighborhood, good works translated... read more

Smart marketing leverages the best of what a client brings to the table.  For one not-for-profit client that was low on marketing dollars, but rich in talent, we had... read more

Getting heard.  Getting talked about.  Web discourse and visibility - that’s what it’s all about.  The rapid transition from a static to dynamic web compels us all to compete... read more

Boost amps the buzz

Whatever the message, we find the medium – and turn it up.  From Tom Toms to Tweets, billboards to buttons and air time to Face-time, we tap into our 20 years of cultivated editorial relationships in print, broadcast and digital media to craft and channel our clients’ messages.

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BOOST MARKETING NYC Integrated Marketing, Communications and Consulting

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