Event Creation and Management

“I found Suzanne and Robin to be a delight throughout the entire process of coordinating our event---which was an enormous feat in three weeks!  Great motivation and boundless energy are keys to their success which can be seen in all aspects of their work.  Their efforts  in raising sponsorship, designing and producing first-rate invitations, securing all trades people and media professionals, coordinating all guest lists, organizing all RSVP’s, and performing all accounting were astounding.  I don’t know how they pulled it off in so little time with such style and grace.  They are a fabulous team!”

Charles Pavarini III, Principal

President Charles Pavarini, III Design Associates, Inc.

New York City


Event Creation and Management

  • Press party
  • Special event
  • Product launch
  • Cause marketing or co-op agreement campaign
  • Sponsorship and partner agreements

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