The smaller the target, the fewer the arrows in your quiver, the better your aim must be.

We place our clients’ advertising in active, appropriate markets, where shopping, not browsing, is the mission.  Custom products have small, exclusive and sometimes elusive audiences.  If you’re a small purveyor, you have only so many arrows in your quiver. For our bespoke, luxury linen client, we designed a highly refined advertising plan.  Money formerly destined for a spotty, fractional national print program was reallocated to focused, local print advertising and targeted digital media buys. 

In placing ads before active, buying audiences who could understand, appreciate and afford bespoke products, we moved the client from marginal to maximum local and global exposure.


“Bravo Boost Marketing. La vostra visione ha fatto la nostra ‘visibilita’.”

(“Bravo Boost Marketing.  Your vision has boosted our visibility.”)

Fabrizio Biasiolo
Founding Partner
Casa Del Bianco
NYC + London

Additional Images: 
Casa Del Bianco, 1st Dibs
Kips Bay Designer Show House
Casa Del Bianco, Kips Bay Designer Show House

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