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Smart marketing leverages the best of what a client brings to the table.  For one not-for-profit client that was low on marketing dollars, but rich in talent, we had to make a meager meal feed a crowd.  

Over a 2-year period, Boost planned and executed a program that would maximize that currency of The American Society of Interior Designers Metro NY Chapter and their “trained, talented and tested” ASID designer base.  To launch our integrated branding effort, we chose The Architectural Digest Home Design Show, New York’s highest profile design arena as the stage and the industry’s best venue for stretching a program.  Boost conceived of and mounted a “Trust the Experts” branding campaign composed of the following elements:

  • Consumer Portal: To enhance awareness,  a consumer portal and conduit, ImagineASID.com, was designed to capture design-seeking internet prospects
  • Promotional Literature: To spread the message, displays, brochures, hand-outs, buttons and signage were designed highlighting ASID member expertise and unique capabilities   
  • Juried Awards: To boost industry exposure and credibility, a respected ASID panel juried best-of-show products and exhibits.  Winning exhibits were awarded “ASID Top Picks” plaques that they proudly and prominently displayed within the winning exhibits.  To cement new relationships, ASID hosted a celebratory show-wide cocktail party
  • Designer Show Tours: To promote designer/consumer engagement, show attendess were invited to take AISD designer-led tours featuring the show’s highlights and the winning exhibits. I

In year two, to ramp up excitement, encourage more engagement and underscore the collaborative spirit that exists between designer and client, the “Dream Team Consumer Challenge” was conceived and executed.  Via print advertising and emails blasts, a massive outreach to the show’s audience was launched inviting consumers to submit an essay regarding why they should be matched with a prominent ASID designer for an exhibit-floor design contest.  Four “Dream Teams” were challenged to create vignettes using contest sponsor's products in addition to a specified number of products from exhibitors.  This initiative proved to unify the needs and wants of the show management, exhibitors, sponsors, ASID membership and consumers.

Lastly, thousands of show attendees voted for their favorite vignettes at ASID’s main booth providing ASID with a bounty of future prospects and proving, once again, that expertise and talent can stretch a dollar not only in design, but in marketing.

“The programs conceived and implemented by Boost put our Chapter on the map. They saw the big picture, visualized the possibilities and guided us, juggling the details with a rare combination of grace, style, hard work and humor. We could never have done it without them… Boost is simply the best!”
Maggie Cohen, ASID
Past President
ASID NY Metro Chapter
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ASID, Interior Design, Dream Team Challenge, Architectural Digest Home Design Show
ASID, Interior Design, Dream Team Challenge, Architectural Digest
ASID, Interior Design, Dream Team Challenge, Architectural Digest
ASID, Interior Design, Dream Team Challenge, Architectural Digest
ASID, Interior Design, Dream Team Challenge, Architectural Digest

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